Pakistan Sees its Deadliest Day with 1,297 New Cases and 32 Deaths

Pakistan witnessed its record new coronavirus cases and deaths for the third consecutive day, shows data shared by NCOC.

As per details, a total of 1,297 new coronavirus cases were tested positive, almost half of them — or 622 new cases — were from Sindh only. Punjab also saw a spike and reported 393 new cases, while KP recorded 172 new cases to the tally.

Total deaths reached 417 with 32 new deaths reported during last 24 hours only. KP reported 15 deaths due to coronavirus related complications while Punjab and Sindh reported 9 and 6 deaths respectively.

Pakistan tested a total of 193,859 patients till to date, of whom 9,164 cases were tested during past 24 hours only. Local transmission of virus has reached 83%, however, share of Tableeghi Jamat individuals stood at 3,033 positive cases while international imported cases were clocked at 3,079.

A total of 4,715 patients have been fully recovered and discharged from hospitals, as some 400 patients were tested negative for Coronavirus yesterday; who were discharged from the hospital, vacating much needed space.

Number of patients in hospitals reached 3,785, that’s steadily higher from 3,706 patients a day ago. Of all the hospitalizations, 97 patients are in critical condition while 35 another are on ventilators.

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