Covid-19 and the tide of Digitalization

In a world suddenly fearful threat of touch, technology is getting a fresh look. Technology is not only answering queries and shopping, but also being used for smart home control and for a range of business, medical and educational applications which could see increased day by day.

The pandemic is likely to provide “additional motivation and incentive for voice control in the home that will help drive awareness and adoption for a range of Additional smart home devices and applications,” resources

A Greengard said “he expects a wider range of business applications for voice technologies in response to health and safety matters”.

Educational support; all the teachers who found their head underwater having to brave the new tide of online learning soon began enjoying the new generation. Teaching from the comfort of one’s own bedroom isn’t such a bad thing after all. While digital teaching threw many of us out of our comfort zones, we seem to have found an alternative thrill in innovation and new experience. Personal lives have turned around in remarkable ways. Those who had a sedentary lifestyle are now taking recourse in plenty of sunshine, exercise and immunity-building nutrients. Parents of teenagers who did not see enough of their hyper-socializing children are getting time to engage with them again.

Many of parents need to get on the technological information to help their younger children navigate their new life of online classes.

Home learning support, parents have had to find ways to make the day constructive for their restless children. There is a massive amount of information on the internet for those looking for suggestions for activities in lockdown. From meditation and prayer, to organizing charity initiatives, reading, family board games, baking, cooking and knitting, the list of things to do at home is hugely exciting. Suddenly, it seems, we are all a team living a reality show in which we need to play different roles like, in which we are thrown into teams in our little family units, and we are learning to be more accommodating, considerate and morals. It has been a time of giving, sharing and appreciating each other, especially the parents who juggle between jobs and childcare, and the teachers who kept learning afloat.

As we walk through this uncertainty, we realize how interdependent we really are. We need to calm each other down in this Covid-19, we set up digital playdates for our children and, between all of that, we try to strengthen the immunity for those in the family who are at a higher risk. The pandemic has taken us back to the very basics of survival and for those looking closely, it has also taught us that, at the core of our being, we live to love and protect each another. One thing is certain we have all realized our immense adaptability and capacity for new learning, our ability to rise to challenging.

When the beast of this pandemic withdraws its teeth, and hopefully the time isn’t far, let’s hope we do not forget this interdependence that has kept us going. We don’t need to wait for another pandemic to help cushion the struggling poor. We now know that timely institutional help and a ready infrastructure can save lives and it would help to start building that bridge. We need to work more in the field of digitalization; the coronavirus has shown us what we need to learn and what we actually want, More than ever before, we need our teachers, researchers social workers, scientists and economists.

Qurratulayn Khan did masters in English literature and applied linguistics and currently student of Law at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. She is Campus Ambassador at well as Director Marketing at Students Defender. She can be reached at [email protected]

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